The main difference between Northwest Registered Agent and Incfile is that Incfile file offers a year of free registered agent service included with their formations package.

Check out the differences between Northwest Registered Agent vs IncFile. We break down everything you need to know.

Northwest Registered Agent vs Incfile


$0 + State Fees

Service Time: Varies By State & Package

incfile vs northwest registered agent

Northwest Registered Agent

$0 + State Fees

Service Time: Varies By State & Package

Overview of Northwest Registered Agent vs Incfile

Are you currently looking for the best service that will enable you to create and start your very own LLC? To form LLCs, we used Incfile and Northwest. We then decided to show you a comparison of their features so you can make the best decision for your business.

This review answers three vital questions that will assist you in choosing the right service by which to begin your business.

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IncFile Vs. Northwest Registered Agent: Key Considerations

It is crucial to choose the right online service provider for your business. These questions will help you to identify your top concerns and point you in the right direction.
We’ll carefully evaluate the services that are currently provided by these businesses and compare it to other offers that are also available.

northwest registered agent vs. incfile

Are Both a Good Deal or a Bad Deal?

Yes! Both services offer outstanding options for you to consider. Both Incfile and Northwest came out with close scores in this comparison. This is because they both offer extremely reliable, and not to mention affordable, LLC formation services that are so much better than the competition. These two companies will be distinguished by the business owners’ goals when they make this purchase.

Northwest is known for its exceptional customer service. The company’s service representatives are highly skilled in business formation and maintenance. Northwest is the best place to go if you think you will need some extra help with your business formation or have questions about the formation process.

Incfile’s expanded list of options might be a good option for buyers who require additional features such as business contract templates, banking offers, or business website offers.

Are There Better Offers On The Market For Forming LLCs?

Although the notoriety of Incfile and Northwest is good, they do not actually have the same brand power or name value as companies as well known as LegalZoom. Incfile offers a wide range of features at a reasonable price. Northwest also provides the best customer service. There is another business that can assist you with LLC formation assistants, called ZenBusiness, which is another top-rated company that offers affordable, high-quality LLC formation packages.


If you are looking for affordable services and quick, valuable service, you can use either Incfile or Northwest Registered Agent, both of which will be choices that you will not regret.

Both services are reliable, but we prefer Incfile because of how it can assist customers with its many different features that other businesses do not have.

Customer Service

We have found Northwest to be the most customer-friendly of all the LLC formation companies we looked at recently.

Northwest customer service representatives were knowledgeable, especially when calling them directly for information that you would need. If you have had positive experiences with them, you can choose to work with them again. This makes up the less than $10 every year that you will have to pay for their registered agent services.

All Features Included

Incfile offers a dashboard that allows you to monitor the status of your order and view your information once your LLC has been formed.
You can also view and download digital copies from this page. Incfile will also provide you with paper copies pertaining to your order. This occurs once your state has completed the LLC formation process.

Product Comparisons: Incfile vs. Northwest

Both of these companies provide additional services to help you finally create your LLC. You can purchase certain features separately, which gives you more flexibility in pricing. Three different business formation packages are accessible through Incfile. However, we won’t be covering all three of them. We will instead compare Northwest Registered Agent’s basic LLC package to Incfile, as it only offers one option.


Northwest and Incfile offer similar service benefits which make it difficult to choose between the two of them.

If you compare both of these services, they are very good at assisting individuals and companies when forming businesses and providing essential features: this will include LLC formation, as well as the mandatory acquiring of their registered agent service.

Incfile offers additional services that you may want to take advantage of, such as website creation, which is available as additional benefits. These extras might be of value to some buyers.

Are you still having problems making a decision? For less than $40, Northwest offers premium services for free. We recommend it.

If you have a limited budget but still want to get a lot of features, Northwest is probably the best choice. One package is available for less than $40 plus applicable state fees that must also be. It includes one year of registered agent service, privacy protection, and expert support services.

It’s Easy To Use

These services can be used quickly to create your business.

Incfile’s order process took about 15 minutes. Preparing all the necessary information is a good idea. Although the site of Northwest is not as user-friendly as some competitors, the order forms and checkout pages can be accessed in a manner that allows for maximum transparency.

There are some filing deadlines, depending upon the state in which you are incorporating, both Northwest and Incfile have similar processing times. Every Incfile package comes with a guarantee, specifically doing the business processing within 24 hours.