The main difference between LegalZoom and IncFile is that Incfile offers more solutions for your business formation, while LegalZoom offers more solutions for running an existing business.

We compare LegalZoom vs IncFile to see which offers the best business formations services.

Legalzoom vs Incfile


$0 + State Fees

Service Time: Varies By State & Package

incfile vs legalzoom


$0 + State Fees

Service Time: Varies By State & Package

Professional LLC Services: Who Is The Best Legalzoom vs Incfile

Are you looking for the best business formation services to help you set up a Limited Liability Company and begin to work immediately? This review illustrates the different features of an LLC while comparing the formation of LegalZoom and Incfile LLCs.

When comparing these two entities, i.e. LegalZoom vs Incfile, we use three questions informing the primary considerations to help you settle on the ideal LLC for your business.

We have provided our list of the leading LLC services, and we would like you to take a look.

The following is our approach to determining the best option for your business between Incfile vs LegalZoom.

Our research and review on Incfile and LegalZoom are mainly based on three key questions as shown below:

  • Is it a good business deal?
  • Can I get a better deal?
  • Who needs this LLC service, and how did they rate their experience?

We have examined aspects like the overall value of LLC formation services, the quality of customer service, customer reviews, and operability when determining the most suitable company for you and the business.

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Brief Comparison:

  •  Go for Incfile if one of the main objectives is to save money for your business: There are other reasons why Incfile is rated high using different criteria. However, its essential features provide a lot of value to a company. By paying only the state fee, Incfile takes one business day to process your order and also works as an agent to your business for free for one year.
    There is also great value for anyone interested in Incfile’s middle and top-tier business formation service packages. Unlike most of its competitors, Incfile’ checkout process lacks the annoying and common hidden charges. Any additional LLC services are limited to the tier of the service package you selected.
  • Go for LegalZoom if you are want to work with a renowned brand. If you’re going to like to deal with a brand with broad recognition and greater prominence, your best choice is LegalZoom. While brands like Incfile and ZenBusiness provide only the basic business formation service packages and quickly avail of what you need, LegalZoom’s service product is likely to cost a little more extra for the same service level.
  • Consider all your options: Considering time and cost, it helps set up and begin business operations in a fast, dependable, and pocket-friendly way.
    Anyone looking for a company providing comprehensive legal services after the formation of the LLC, we recommend you consider our Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle.
    Are you looking for more information? Please continue reading to get a detailed insight on our Incfile vs LegalZoom LLC services comxparison.
incfile vs. legalzoom

LLC Service Packages For Incfile vs LegalZoom

After setting up your LLC, Incfile and LegalZoom may continue providing extra business formation services after the formation process is complete.

Some of the services and features can be bought independently, providing greater price freedom. We have provided a parallel comparison of the leading service and feature packages critical for forming an LLC.

Please note that every plan’s service cost is exempt from State filing fees.

Description Of The Basic Plan

Upon paying the state fee-only, Incfile will process your request the next day and be your business’ registered agent for a year and extra free. Other services offered by Incfile are a fully-developed platform with business alerts and tax consultation for 30 minutes. Registered Agent of LLC

On the other hand, LegalZoom provides a 30-day order processing guarantee. Additionally, you will need to pay an extra $159 every year for LegalZoom to act as your registered agent.

Description Of The Middle Plan

Incfile’s Gold package offers its clients an operating agreement and an EIN from the onset. When dealing with LegalZoom, you will pay an extra $159 to access these two business services at any package level. For an extra $270, LegalZoom’s Standard package provides a Corporate Kit while reducing the processing duration to fifteen days.

On the other hand, Incfile’s middle-tier proposal offers a “Custom LLC Kit”. Other features in this offering include a contract template library of twenty customized stock certificates, among other regular Corporate Kit essentials. This offer is available for about $100 less than the price of LegalZoom’s middle-tier package.

Description Of The Top Plan

The most prominent features of LegalZoom’s Express Gold business package is faster shipping, reduced processing time and a customer support line open seven days a week.

Incfile provides its clients with next-day processing for every stage while also providing accelerated shipping to return your fillings. However, the most exciting quality of Incfile’s Platinum package is the provision of business contract templates, a free-business website and a domain name. If you need professional help to set up a website for your business, this package can significantly help you.

Customer Reviews For Incfile vs. LegalZoom

incfile vs legalzoom llc

Incfile’ Customer Reviews

Incfile is helpful to entrepreneurs who want to set up their LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, or a Non-profit organization. We have gathered the following verified reviews from by people who purchased LLC formation services from Incfile.

“It is quick and simple to use. The dashboard makes it easy to stay updated on a host of business issues related to an LLC.”

“Up to now, this company has earned my utmost trust. They have a fast and professional service delivery, giving me enough time to focus attention on my business. The UX dashboard is clean and very user-friendly. I highly recommend them.”

LegalZoom’s Customer Reviews

Like Incfile, business people interested in setting up an LLC, corporation, non-profit organization, or any other type of business rely on LegalZoom services. The most notable difference is that LegalZoom focuses on providing complete legal services after the online formation of the business entity.

Below, we have provided some of customer reviews and feedback extracted from LegalZoom’s website from entrepreneurs who have used LLC formation services from LegalZoom to start their business:

“I thought LegalZoom was the ideal place for me to start my business formation journey because I had never established a business before. LegalZoom conceptualized the vision I had for my business and by all legal means turned it a reality.”

“Many clients approach this company with high expectations. However, working with LegalZoom is different from employing the services of an attorney. This is because the LegalZoom offers outstanding basic legal tasks at extremely pocket-friendly prices.”

“We have relied on LegalZoom’s services for some years, and it has generally been a very fruitful engagement. They are easy to interact with and offer their services at great prices.”

legalzoom vs incfile llc

The Review’s Rating For Incfile vs. LegalZoom

Following a close comparison of the different features of the LegalZoom and Incfile, we have also included a detailed review of the two companies based on the following factors:

  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of Customer Service
  • The Cost Value
  • The Features in the Respective Service Packages
  • The Cost Value

Incfile provides its clients free registered agent services and charges $119/year after the free period.

LegalZoom does not offer any free registered agent services; the company charges $159/year from beginning the business formation process. Considering the initial price variation, you can save up to $239 in the initial year compared to competitors’ online LLC services.

LegalZoom’s LLC services are priced from $79, starting with the most basic business formation service package.

Services feature like creating the Operating Agreement, registration of Employer Identification Number (EIN), and licensing searches have been excluded from the LLC formation packages and included in the la carte options, increasing in cost from $99 to $199 above the initial cost.

incfile vs legalzoom for llc

The Quality Of Customer Service

LegalZoom has availed customer care services for extended durations compared to Incfile. LegalZoom’s customer service is also available on more platforms than Incfile.

LegalZoom is arguably the winner where the quality of customer service is concerned. For instance, LegalZoom reviews for customer care service rank higher than Incfile on various platforms like SiteJabber, with 661 reviews and 3.3 out of 5 stars. LegalZoom’s phone support is available for communication for more than thirty-four hours a week, and extra hours are provided over the weekdays and on Saturdays.

Incfile will process a customer’s order for the standard service package within the next business day.

With Incfile, you receive the ideal customer-oriented service approach that many clients yearn for. While no LLC Service formation company can quicken the state filling procedures, commitment to quick processing orders is a significant highlight. It reduces the time aspiring entrepreneurs need to kick start business operations.

The Ease of Use

Broadly, both Incfile and LegalZoom online LLC services are easy to use, with their platform providing a straightforward design that enables simplified navigation for entrepreneurs. However, Incfile offers a relatively more accessible platform than LegalZoom.

Additionally, you can access Incfile’s dashboard on an ongoing basis after the LLC formation process is complete and the business owners have begun business operations. This platform is vital for providing essential business data and documentation; you can access the documents at any time past the LLC formation stage.

incfile vs legalzoom review

The Features in the Respective Service Packages

The cost of Incfile’s Operating Agreement and Employer Identification Number (EIN) services is lower compared to LegalZoom and is included in Incfile’s premium service packages.

With LegalZoom, these services are non-existent in their business formation packages. However, they are offered over and above the cost of LLC formation service, quickly increasing the overall cost. This means you will pay an extra $500 by ordering LegalZoom’s standard package with EIN registration, Operating Agreement, and registered agent services.


After a detailed analysis of both Incfile and Legalzoom, we are convinced Incfile is the better option for LLC services if you want to save money for your business. Additionally, it is the better option if you look for outstanding professional customer assistance supported by excellent reviews and fast and comprehensive business formation services.

On the other hand, go for LegalZoom if you are looking for experienced LLC formation services and want input from a strong brand and ongoing legal services for your LLC past the formation stage.