The main difference between Incfile and Bizfilings is that Bizfilings offers an operating agreement included free of charge with most formation packages.

Our IncFile vs Bizfilings comparison will tell you everything you need to know before using a professional LLC service. How do these 2 compare?



$0 + State Fees

Service Time: Varies By State & Package



$0 + State Fees

Service Time: Varies By State & Package

Comparison of Incfile vs. BizFilings

If you need support in creating an official company, you can either try to do it yourself or use a professional service such as BizFilings or Incfile. The latter approach is the smarter way because a professional LLC service can ensure you that the forms are securely prepared and registered according to the filing rules outlined by your state. This article will compare the services offered by BizFilings and Incfile to help you decide which service is best for your business.

In general, both companies offer similar services, but there are areas where they differ that make Incfile stand out more. One of the differences is Incfile’s lower cost for its standard package. This, plus a few other differences, make them our preferred choice between the two.

What Do Incfile and BizFilings Have In Common?

Both companies will help you form your company. Both services offer the following:

  • A user interface that is clear and easy to navigate. The dashboard conveniently provides you with reminders of deadlines, what your state’s filing requirements are, and other helpful information about the process.
  • Both companies have the highest rating (A+!) from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Their websites are loaded with free information about how to form an LLC.
Incfile vs BizFilings

What Are The Differences?

Although the companies are similar, there are differences that may play into your decision-making.


Incfile’s base cost is $0 (but not including state fees). BizFilings, however, starts their basic package at $99. So, if comparing the basic level, you pay more with BizFilings.

Registered Agent

Although both companies provide a registered agent in their packages, Incfile provides this service for an entire year whereas BizFilings only includes the first six months. Learn more about a Registered Agent.

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Operating Agreement

BizFiling’s basic package includes an operating agreement without extra cost. Incfile’s basic package does not include this

Differences in Pricing

Inc Authority:  Base package (Silver) is free. You only pay the state filing fee in the Silver package. They offer two other packages: Gold, and Platinum.

All three packages include a library of registration documents, a registered agent, tracking for your order, and much more. Each level offers something different. For instance, the Platinum level includes expedited processing at no extra cost. This usually costs $100. It is worth your while to look over the differences among these three levels.
Processing time can be different state by state. The standard turnaround time is usually one to eight weeks. However, if you use expedited processing, most states can process this within a week.

BizFilings: Their Basic package starts at $99. The other two packages offered are Standard and Complete.

Each package includes its proprietary feature called Bizcomply. This is an easy-to-use dashboard that includes a library of documents and an organization tool. It helps you keep your documents in order and makes accessing your documents very easy.

Other than this tool, the Basic package does not offer much else. The $99 fee for the basic package does not include the state fee, so this will cost you more out of pocket overall.

Client Feedback and Reviews

Although both companies have stellar ratings from the Better Business Bureau, client reviews online are another issue.

With BizFilings, it was difficult to find any online reviews at all. There are no positive or negative reviews posted, which is a bit peculiar.

With Incfile, there are tons of positive reviews. The company has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Shopper Approved. This is out of over 1,560 reviews. Around 1,300 of those are 5-star ratings. There was only one review that had a single star.

If client reviews are important in your decision-making, this might influence your decision. There is nothing inherently problematic with BizFilings. In fact, they have a huge client base of more than 300,000 clients. However, Incfile has a large number of happy clients whose opinions, backed by their reviews, should not be ignored.

Which Company Should You Go With?

With all things considered, Incfile will give you more bang for your buck. Both companies will help you form your company. However, Incfile’s base rate is $0, whereas BizFilings charges $99. Plus, Incfile offers more features.

Before we end, we would like to invite you to look into ZenBusiness. Among all of the LLC formation companies that we have reviewed, ZenBusiness is at the top of our list.