Deciding on a Name for your LLC? Let us help you properly name your LLC with this intuitive guide.

A lot of people get held up with naming their LLC. The name of your company is typically the first thing a lot of people learn about your company. A key thing to do is to build your business around a strong brand as it can help you boost your traction during the earlier days of starting your business. This can help you cement yourself an authority within the niche which can help you dominate the marketplace.

Learn how to form your LLC here.

Steps To Naming Your LLC

1. Guidelines For Naming Your Company

Your company’s legal name has to follow some guidelines. Knowing these guidelines is crucial. Here are some of them:

  • The legal name for your business has to include the phrase “limited liability company” or “LLC.”
  • The name of your business cannot contain words that will confuse people into thinking you are a Government entity.
  • You cannot use restricted words unless you get permission to do so.
  • Every state has a different set of guidelines that you’ll need to follow when you are looking to name your LLC.

2. Legal vs Brand Name

Whenever you are going through the process of naming your business, you’ll need to ensure that you know the difference between your legal name and brand name. Believe it or not, your legal name doesn’t always have to match your brand name. For instance, if your LLC is named something, your brand can be something completely different. This is something you’ll be able to do by using a DBA or “Doing Business As” name.

When you are setting your company’s name up like this, you’ll want to use a similar structure to the one below:

  • Your LLC Name: Jones Fencing, LLC
  • DBA Name: The Fencing Experts
  • Your website domain:

Keep in mind, there are several things that you’ll need to know if you are going to structure your company like this.

  • DBA’s arent allowed in every state. For instance, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Kansas each don’t allow you to use them.
  • You’ll need both of your names to be unique. This includes your legal name and your DBA.
  • You’ll want to ensure that your domain is available. If your preferred domain is already taken, you’ll want to try to switch out the extension for it. The name is the most important. While (.com) is the best, you can switch to (.co) if your preferred name isn’t available.

3. What To Do After Naming Your LLC

As soon as you’ve gone ahead and chosen your LLC, you’ll want to do a couple of different things. One, you’ll want to create your LLC and you’ll also want to buy your domain.

  •  Buying a Domain Name

You want to ensure that you are purchasing a domain that matches once you’ve determined what you want your LLC’s name to be.

Many business owners wonder why they need a website domain if they aren’t building their site yet. However, that doesn’t matter. You always need a domain as soon as possible when you name your business. This is true whether you’re building your site right now or not. Here are a few of the reasons you should be looking to buy the domain as quickly as possible.

Reasons To Buy Your Domain:

  • It’s not Expensive

One of the main reasons you should be looking to purchase a domain is that it’s so affordable to do so. You can always buy a domain right now and use it later. A domain will give you plenty of advantages.

  • Protect Your Brand

Not only does it give you a personalized email address that can make you look more professional, but it can also help you protect your brand.

  • It’s Easy

The truth is, purchasing your website’s domain is incredibly easy. All you have to do is use the search bar at the very top of this page. From there, you can start to generate some good ideas.

4. Creating An LLC

Getting your LLC together is one of the very first milestones that you’ll be doing in your business. Once you get an LLC, you’ll have an easy time establishing some legitimacy for your business. This can help you as a business owner sell your products or services and it can also protect you from your business. If your business is ever sued, you won’t be held personally liable. It’s a must if you are starting a business because of this. Find out all the benefits of an LLC.

5. Forming an LLC Isn’t Difficult

Getting your LLC formed isn’t hard. We have a free formation guide that can lead you through everything from start to finish. If you aren’t entirely certain about starting an LLC on your own, you can choose from the list of our vetted services to do it for you. Learn more about opening an LLC holding company.

Branding Your Business

Every strong business is built on a solid foundation of a good brand. When you are in the process of creating your brands, you’re going to want to think long and hard about what your brand stands for and what you want people to think about when they hear or see it. You need a compelling brand if you want to truly dominate your marketplace.