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Looking to compare the best LLC services to form your limited liability company. Here is the top LLC formation service online.

Best LLC Service for Your Business

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) represents a significant step for many business owners around the country. Operating as an LLC offers you a degree of legal protection as you run your company. It also comes with several other benefits.

An LLC formation service provides you with assistance when you form an LLC. Review the best LLC formation services with this article and find out how to get the most bang for your buck with our team at Go Vitru.

best llc service

Why Use LLC Formation Services

Why do people look for the best LLC service before they set up their business? While you can complete LLC formation on your own, the process involves a significant amount of paperwork. A business formation service provides you with numerous benefits by:

  •  Saving you time during business formation
  • Make sure all paperwork gets filed correctly
  • Letting you focus on business operations

Some of these services provide legal advice along with a number of other business services. Review the strengths of the following online LLC service providers:

best llc formation service

ZenBusiness – Best LLC Service

ZenBusiness helps you get the services you want to start your business. Among LLC service companies, ZenBusiness has a solid reputation. However, the company does not offer a free program for LLC services.

The company has positive customer feedback in online reviews, which may help you feel like you’re working with the best LLC formation service when you contact ZenBusiness.

Cost To Use ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness starts offering packages at $39 per year (in addition to a filing fee). State fees vary depending upon where you live in the country. We recommend reviewing the state fees for your area before you contact any LLC websites for assistance with your business.

Services Offered by ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness provides top LLC services and affordable rates. The company keeps its services very straightforward and provides you with access to reliable customer support. Beyond rudimentary services for LLC formation, ZenBuziness offers you additional packages.

The company provides you with one year of access to a registered service agent for each package. If you wish to continue working with your registered agent after a year, you can expect a fee of $119 annually.

ZenBusiness also provides you with a free operating agreement. The operating agreement allows you to decide on the terms you’ll use when forming your company. Many other companies that offer LLC services online do not handle operating agreements.

Additionally, you receive a CPA assessment from ZenBusiness for no extra fee. ZenBusiness looks at your needs and suggests the kind of CPA who would best address your needs with this service. CPAs often:

  • Track the money flow of your company
  • File your taxes
  • Help you stay organized

The company provides a compliance guarantee. If you purchase the Premium package, you get additional online incorporation services, including access to rush filing and privacy protections for your domain, website, and business email.

best online llc service

Inc Authority

Inc Authority has experience in the business services industry and plenty of positive customer feedback for you to consider. You can set up your account quickly, focusing on LLC formation instead of trying to navigate a website with a complicated design.

Want the most bang for your buck from an LLC formation service? Consider Inc Authority when you want to form a limited liability company. Inc Authority offers you a free year of service when you choose them.

Cost To Use Inc Authority

Turning your business entity into an LLC often costs hundreds of dollars, but not with Inc Authority. The company offers your first year of LLC formation service for free. You also get registered agent service for no fee for the first year, with prices rising to $99 if you decide to keep the service.

However, Inc Authority does offer three additional plans, which each cost money. Their paid plans start at $399 a year and go all the way to $799 per year.

Services Offered by Inc Authority

Inc Authority offers registered agent services, help with your articles of organization, and information about your federal tax ID number. Working with a registered agent allows you to get fast answers to your questions and advice about the best way to complete legal documents.

Generally, it takes up to a week to form an LLC with Inc Authority. However, if you pay for their more expensive plans, you can get same-day service. You can also pay extra with the free plan to expedite your formation.


Founded in 2004, IncFile sets itself apart as one of the best online LLC services. The company has offered assistance to over 500,000 businesses and received over 27,000 online customer reviews, giving you confidence about the company’s ability to fully meet your needs.

IncFile has a reputation for working efficiently as an LLC service provider.

Cost To Use IncFile

IncFile provides low-cost LLC services. It offers a starting package that only charges you the state filing fee to handle your paperwork. However, the company does include upsells if you want to go beyond basic LLC formation services.

Additionally, the company’s prices increase to $119 per year after your first year of service, even for a basic package (also called IncFile Silver).

IncFile also offers two additional services: IncFile Gold and IncFile Platinum. The gold program gives you access to:

  •  Banking resolution
  • Help with EIN registration
  • Access to an operating agreement

The Platinum package comes with:

  • Access to contract templates
  • Expedited options for your filing
  • Use of free business website complete with a domain name

The Gold and Platinum options cost more than the basic free service.

Services Offered by IncFile

The company provides your business with a number of features, including lifetime alerts regarding filing deadlines and a year of assistance from a registered agent. The company also provides you with free shipping and real-time tracking on any orders you place.

You get access to an online dashboard that includes compliance tools for the price of your filing fee. If you need assistance, IncFile offers customer support through:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat

Consider IncFile if you have a tight budget and want a free LLC formation service.

llc service

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings provides you with LLC formation services fast, as their name indicates. They focus on providing their clients with same-day processing, making them a good choice if you need to complete the business formation process quickly.

Many happy customers call Swyft Filings the best LLC service online, even though the company began operations less than a decade ago. We always recommend checking customer reviews when looking at business formation services to make sure you get the help you want.

Cost To Use Swyft Filings

The basic LLC filing service offered by Swyft Filings costs $49 plus state fees. You receive a year of registered agent support if you pay $149 instead. You may pay this fee every year for ongoing legal services from your registered agent.

Finally, the company offers a $299 Premium plan if you want comprehensive online LLC formation services.

Services Offered by Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings offers three tiers of service, as we discussed in the pricing section. You do not get access to a free registered agent at any level of service. Rudimentary services provide you with access to:

  • Name availability verification
  • LLC organizer statements
  • Help with your articles of organization
  • Customer support (lifetime)
  • The ability to view your incorporation documents
  • A 30-minute webinar for a free tax consultation

The company also offers alerts that inform you of any compliance changes. Higher tiers of service provide you with a resolution document, help with EIN filing, and assistance with your operating agreement.

When looking for the best LLC services, keep in mind that Swyft Filings offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, complete with a money-back promise.

best online llc formation service

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance began offering online LLC services in 2012. The company has built a reputation as a solid LLC service since that time, assisting over 25,000 clients and accruing many positive customer reviews.

The company provides assistance to LLCs, corporations, and other businesses. Harbor Compliance focuses specifically on making sure all clients keep up with renewal deadlines for their licenses.

Cost To Use Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is not a free LLC service. The company’s basic package starts at $399 plus state fees. This cost does not include help from a registered agent. The company charges $99 for small businesses to get registered agent service. However, the company does incorporate an operating agreement with its basic plan.

Services Offered by Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance stands apart from many LLC services by providing you with a compliance specialist or account manager to walk you through each step of LLC formation. Your account manager provides you with personalized guidance, making it easy to set up a company even if you do not have experience.

Harbor Compliance account managers:

  • Check your formation documents for errors
  • Give you any state-specific forms you require
  • Send your forms to the property location

The company provides extensive customer support and registered agent services. The company also provides you with included assistance to secure your Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is necessary for completing your federal tax forms. This service comes with extra costs at many other LLC online companies.

Consider Harbor Compliance if you want assistance with corporation formation services and want in-depth help through the entire process.


Do you want to form an LLC? Consider working with CorpNet to get the legal services and advice you want. CorpNet has several unique features that set it apart from other LLC services. A husband-and-wife team runs the company and has provided other businesses with help for over two decades.

More than 100,000 businesses have taken advantage of the company’s online LLC formation service. Over the years, the company has accrued a lot of positive customer reviews.

Cost To Use CorpNet

The basic plan for CorpNet LLC formation services starts at $108. You get registered agent service included with the basic plan for 60 days without any extra fees. If you want further registered agent service, consider choosing the more expensive Deluxe or Complete plans.

While the company has many positive reviews, keep in mind that they do not provide free shipping, unlike many other service providers. Depending on the legal documents you need to complete and send in, this could raise your overall expenses.

Services Offered by CorpNet

Entrepreneurs looking to set up a business often consider the online LLC filing tools offered by CorpNet. The company’s basic program lets you check the availability of your company name, helps you file your articles of organization, and provides you with a compliance tool that informs you of any potential issues.

You also get 60 days of access to a registered agent service and comprehensive customer support.

Signing up for their company’s Complete or Deluxe plans provides more assistance with your LLC operating agreement. You get help setting up your federal tax ID number and further aid from a registered agent.


BizFilings stands out as one of the oldest companies to offer an LLC formation service, as it’s been helping customers since 1996. Rick Oster and Brian Wiegard set up the company with the aim of providing the best LLC services and offering solid customer support.

The company changed hands in 2002 but continues to get encouraging customer feedback for all services it offers. Want to set up an LLC online? Consider joining the more than 500,000 business owners who have used the company’s LLC formation package.

Cost To Use BizFilings

BizFilings does not offer the cheapest LLC service, but the company does have very reasonable rates, providing you a lot of bang for your buck. The basic plan costs $99 plus state fees to handle your online legal needs.

You may also upgrade your services by selecting the Standard or Complete plan. Assess your needs when it comes to LLC formation and make the selection that best suits you.

Services Offered by BizFilings

You get six months of free registered agent service with BizFilings. After six months, you pay $174 a year to continue working with a registered agent to get legal help with your business entity. The company offers standard online LLC service and stands out because it also takes on clients outside the U.S.

The customer support team steps in to help if you need assistance as you set up your services. Expect to answer questions about the state where you plan to operate, the kind of business you want to open, and your pricing package.

The company provides many of the services offered by LLC formation companies in their basic plan. You also have the option to add other services related to LLC formation a la carte. For example, you can purchase a “rush” filing service that lets you get your operating agreement in an hour.

Rocket Lawyer

Are you looking for an LLC service with solid customer feedback and a 100% money-back guarantee? If so, Rocket Lawyer might be the company for you. Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer helps people contact legal professionals for a number of reasons.

Around 20 million people have used services offered by Rocket Lawyer, with about 10% of this number selecting Rocket Lawyer for LLC formation.

Cost To Use Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyers starts basic plans at $99. This fee does not include registered agent service, however. If you want to work with a registered agent, expect to pay an additional $149 every year unless you choose the Premium plan.

You pay around $111 a year to work with a registered agent if you select the company’s premium plan. Note that the company also offers a free trial, which helps you find the best online LLC formation service.

Services Offered by Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer expects you to either select their Premium plan or buy all your services individually. You pay by service when using this company. For example, you pay $99 to set up your LLC. You would pay additional fees for a year of registered agent service or speed up work on your filing.

The legal services subscription offers you a variety of additional tools. For example, you get access to 30-minute long conversations with a lawyer when you select this service. You also get support from the customer service team and receive access to a library of legal documents.

Consider all these factors before making a choice about the company to handle LLC formation.


Many of the companies we’ve discussed focus primarily on LLC formation services. LegalZoom, on the other hand, offers a number of additional legal tools. However, the company has a well-established procedure for handling your LLC needs.
The company began operation in 1999, making it one of the older companies offering LLC services online. The company reports servicing millions of customers, giving you a lot of reviews to look through when making a decision.


MyCompanyWorks boasts two decades of experience helping clients set up LLCs. The company started life under the name MyNewCompany, shifting over time to its current title. You get unlimited customer support when you select MyCompanyWorks to handle your LLC needs.

MyCompanyWorks focuses on fast turn-around times, offering same-day processing to customers without requiring any additional fees.

best llc filing service

Costs To Use MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks uses a three-tier list of service options for setting up an LLC. The basic service plan costs you $79 and comes with an operating agreement. However, you only get access to registered agent service if you select one of the company’s more expensive plans.

Services Offered by MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks includes educational resources and compliance warnings about upcoming deadlines to all customers. The company also provides you with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, which helps many prospective business owners feel more confident about their choices.

The company’s Entrepreneur package provides you with:

  • EIN processing
  • An LLC kit
  • Your own company seal
  • Member certificates

You’ll receive lifetime access to company forms, including contracts and tax forms. You maintain the ability to access these forms as long as you continue using the MyCompanyWorks service. The company offers storage options and security features for its customers.


BetterLegal operates out of Texas and only began serving clients in 2016, making it one of the younger LLC set-up companies on our list. Despite its relative newness, the company provides comprehensive LLC services for businesses around the country.

The company prioritizes your time and satisfaction when you visit the website to form an LLC. You’ll answer the first batch of questions in less than two minutes, allowing BetterLegal to begin the process quickly.

Cost To Use BetterLegal

Cost remains a pressing concern for many business people who want to form an LLC. BetterLegal stands apart from many LLC set-up companies by only offering one comprehensive plan. You cannot get a basic plan from BetterLegal.

Instead, BetterLegal charges $299 plus any state fees for LLC service. This fee does not cover services offered by a registered agent. You can pay either $10 a month or $90 a year if you want to work with a registered agent.

Services Offered by BetterLegal

BetterLegal offers a fast turn-around time to customers, often completing the LLC registration process in two business days. The company provides operating agreement services for all customers and takes pride in offering excellent customer support.

BetterLegal also takes care of your EIN paperwork and banking resolution forms. The company provides a single incorporation service instead of offering tiered service, which allows them a higher degree of focus.

The company does offer a number of free add-ons, including:

  • Insurance evaluation
  • Free tax analysis
  • Website creation services

These free services often appeal to customers, who would have to pay extra fees to receive them at other LLC set-up companies. Factor these services into the overall cost when you think about working with BetterLegal. The company also offers a number of additional online legal services.


MyCorporation began operating in 1998 and has helped over a million businesses since that time. The company offers formation services to:

  • LLCs
  • Nonprofits
  • Corporations

They have extensive experience helping businesses throughout their lifespan. The company has excellent reviews and very few complaints, giving you an increased sense of security if you select MyCorporation for your LLC service needs.

Cost To Use MyCorporation

MyCorporation has four-tiered programs for LLC formation. The basic plan costs you $99 plus state fees. You may pay $124 extra with the basic plan to get assistance from a registered agent. The company also offers:

  • A standard plan for $124
  • A deluxe plan for $224
  • A premium plan for $324

The deluxe and premium plans offered by the company include the services of a registered agent at no extra cost for one year. After a year, you pay a $120 yearly fee to retain the help of your registered agent, so keep that in mind.

Services Offered by MyCorporation

You get rudimentary LLC set-up services from the team at MyCorporation, especially with the beginner’s plan. Expect to pay extra to get your operating agreement when working with MyCorporation unless you purchase the premium plan.

You get an additional annual report service if you purchase the standard plan from the company. Their deluxe and premium plans offer further services, access to 16 legal documents, stock certificates, and more.

The company also offers a MaintainMyBiz service that provides you with ongoing information about the state of your company. You get a year of this service for free with the premium plan but have to pay to renew it if you enjoy the tools it offers.


LegalNature operates out of California and began helping businesses with LLC service around 10 years ago. The company assists corporations, nonprofits, and LLCs, providing them with a solid knowledge base to handle their unique needs.

The company maintains a library of documents and uses an efficient navigational design for customers, making it easy to find what you’re looking for as you set up your business. Less experienced than many of the other companies on our list, LegalNature has still assisted in the creation of 1,000s of businesses.

Cost To Use LegalNature

LegalNature only offers one price plan for LLC formation. You pay $40 plus state fees to set up your company with LegalNature. However, this basic service provides you with relatively little. For example, expect to pay $125 a year for access to a registered agent.

Services Offered by LegalNature

For $40, LegalNature helps you set up your company and provides you with:

  • Articles of organization
  • LLC services
  • Online tracking for document status
  • Standard GA processing

The company offers additional services, but they cost extra. For example, you may purchase the following legal forms from LegalNature:

  • Articles of amendment
  • Articles of dissolution
  • Certificates of good standing

The company charges an extra $20 if you need certified copies of any of the documents associated with the formation of your LLC.

The company uses a straightforward pricing strategy for its services, allowing you to estimate the cost of getting your company off the ground. The company’s website is mobile-friendly, allowing you to check on the status of your documents from any location.

Also, check out our Nolo Review.

Learn More About LLC Formation Service

Getting professional help with LLC formation helps you build the business of your dreams. Prospective company owners need to complete many tasks before they open their doors for the first time. We understand the need to focus on business funding analysis, market segmentation, and more. We also want to give a mention to Northwest Registered Agent. Check out our full review.

In addition to getting your business licenses, make sure that you select the right company to help with the formation of your LLC.

Online LLC filing services often provide an extra layer of convenience for business owners. You don’t have to fill out endless forms when working with an online company to handle your LLC formation needs.

Online services also give you the chance to track the progress of your LLC application. Some companies complete the application process in a single day, while others may take significantly longer. It all depends upon the choices you make.

Working with the professionals also gives you the chance to speak with a registered agent, either as part of your service plan or with extra fees. Get answers to your questions throughout the process of starting your business from these professionals.

Contact Us for LLC Services

Our team at Go Vitru provides online LLC filing services for companies around the country. We give you a chance to work with a registered agent, take care of creating your operating agreement, and more. Contact us to learn about processes like filing your business taxes, handling foreign qualifications, and other business tasks.