Put the right people on the right teams.

It’s Simple

All of your teammates in one place. (Worldwide)

A learning tool

Understand what makes a team tick. (Virtually)


What’s powering Vitru?

Complex Science. (Made Simple)


Start building today. (like now)


Before getting started many users have the following questions:

What is Vitru?

Vitru is an online application that provides tools to evaluate and build better teams virtually. In addition to team building, we offer all of our users a free, detailed analysis of their unique work values and personality. However, this is only the beginning.

Who uses It?

Vitru is built for anyone looking to put a team together — from students and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. With a free account you can build one team with up to 10 active teammates. We also offer several paid plans for organizations from 100 to 500 active teammates.

Is this science?

Yes! Our team-builder tool was built by industrial psychologists after a decade of research in personal psychology, personal values, and workplace culture. It is a complex science, but we handle it for you so you can focus on putting the right people on the right teams.

Why start?

Great organizations, regardless of size or mission, understand that powerful team chemistry is impossible to force; but when it happens, it’s magic. Our team builder is a learning tool that allows team organizers to create and assess teams virtually and in doing so helps quantify what makes an outstanding team outstanding.

What should I expect?

Vitru is built so that anyone with basic computer skills can take advantage of our team builder — if you’re familiar with facebook, you’ll be a whizz in no time. The process starts with some simple questions that help us understand the your unique personality and work values. From there it’s as easy as inviting colleagues to do the same.

Creatively led, strategically driven, scientifically powered and people centered.