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We’ve all tried our hand at numerous quizzes to find the right career for ourselves, and even the personality quizzes on Facebook can yield interesting results. However, taking an online personality quiz for jobs or career path inspiration should require a little more thought than the one your Aunt Judy posted. Figuring out what you should do with your career is something people ponder their entire lives, and it may be because it’s hard to really understand your true self. Lucky for you, Vitru is here to help with science-backed data that invites you to understand who you are and why.


With Vitru's Work Personality Test:

  • Discover your internal and external motivators
  • Identify your work values and see what drives you to be successful
  • Gain insight into what you’re really looking for in a company or your career
  • Understand the complexities of your personality and how they align with your chosen or ideal career path

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