Building a Relationship on Success

Vitru for Staffing

Find the Perfect Candidates for Your Clients

We believe that companies can only be as great as the people they hire, which is why staffing agencies are so important. With the right staffing assessment tools, agencies can find the perfect candidates to match with an employer for a mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnership. The Vitru Assessment gives a whole new meaning to staffing services by offering qualitative data that outlines a candidate’s personality traits and work values. With Vitru Compare, you can see how a candidate’s personality and work values align with their prospective team. Build your agency’s reputation with the best staffing assessment tool out there.


With Vitru, You Can Create a Trusted Brand:

  • Understand a candidate’s work style and compare to company values for clients
  • Discover which company and team a candidate’s personality and work values will best align with
  • Determine where to place candidate based on qualitative, intrinsic factors about their work values and personality

Start improving your brand by going the extra mile to ensure your clients are getting the kind of candidates that will stay in it for the long haul. Create as many organizations within the Vitru platform as you like for less than $3 a day! Sign up for your candidate online assessment tool now.