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Vitru for Small Business

Hire and Manage the Best Teams

Small businesses often have teams of people who wear many different hats. These kinds of teams are faced with peculiar circumstances that teach them valuable skills and lessons that are necessary to run a successful small business. However, when small business hiring is lacking, the costs to the owner and team can be detrimental to a small company’s resources. With our employee self assessment, small business hiring and team management can safeguard against those costs. Vitru offers groundbreaking psychometric analysis that makes small business hiring safer, easier and gives results that benefit everyone in the business.

With Vitru for Small Business, You Can:

  • Assess the kind of work environment crucial to small businesses
  • Gain insights into what motivates your current team and why
  • Learn what style of communication is best received by each worker
  • Build better retention and lower employee costs
  • Create training that is unique to your small business

Develop and fortify your employees so your small business can scale. Start using Vitru today completely free!