Change the Way the World Sees You

Vitru for Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Create Additional Value for your RPO Clients

Workforce recruitment can be a complex, laborious and all-encompassing challenge, which is why employers take relief in knowing there are experts out there that have the recruiting tools to do this work for them. RPOs are sometimes viewed as recruitment outsourcing, but we know that it’s much more than that and we have something to offer to convince the rest of the world of that too. With insightful data about candidates’ work values and personality traits, extinguish any lingering thoughts of a “cookie-cutter” recruitment strategy. The Vitru Employee Self Assessment invites you to understand what it is that drives candidates, how they interact with different people and which type of company is going to be able to meet their intrinsic needs.


With Vitru, you can personalize the recruitment process:

  • Gain insight into candidate work styles, preferred work environment and inner motivators
  • Compare candidates with prospective client teams to find the right fit
  • Discover performance drivers that help you place candidates with the right companies

Change the way the world sees you by easily personalizing the recruitment process. Vitru does all the work for you. Sign up now for your candidate online assessment tool. Sign up for our Vitru Select Beta to begin building profiles to compare top candidates against!