Finding the Right Fit
The First Time Around

Vitru for Recruiters

A Recruiting Tool to Hire the Right Candidates

Recruiting can seem like an endless job and as long as people have alternative career options, it will be! Workforce recruitment can be tricky, tedious and wrought with failed hires which is why recruiting tools like Vitru exist. Imagine you could recruit the right hires the first time around by understanding what it is that drives them, how they interact with different people and which type of company meets their intrinsic needs. With Vitru, you can do that.


Use Recruiting Tools Like Vitru for:

  • Gain insight into candidate’s’ work style, preferred work environment and inner motivators
  • Compare candidates with prospective teams to gauge fit
  • Discover performance drivers that help you place candidates with the right companies

Start improving your workforce recruitment with the right online recruiting tool. Sign up for Vitru’s online personality and work values assessment tool now.