How’s this whole thing work?

We’re glad you asked. Welcome to science central.

psycho – what?

Vitru is software for designing teams

It’s okay to hate the words “psychometric assessment implementation”. Those words sound expensive, time-consuming and complex, right? But the science behind it? Well, let’s just say it’s valuable enough for Fortune 500 companies to have been using it for years.

Vitru is based on the same science, combined with a dash of experience and a sprinkling of user feedback. We believe in simplicity: an uncomplicated user interface, clear pricing, and putting powerful science in the hands of everyone who works A.K.A. everyone.


people centered

Better teams start with a better understanding of the people in them.

Just say no to mediocre teams and assessments.



Discover what drives individual team members and how to make teams work well together.


needs and desires

Today’s workforce won’t stand still. See the future with Vitru.


plug and play

You don’t need long implementation times, you need sophisticated solutions you can access quickly.


long term plan

Create hiring plans, succession maps and support product roadmaps just by focusing on your people.

strategically driven

A better solution for a changing workforce
Vitru works with potential candidates, internal teams, contingent or freelance workers, just like you do.

vitruvian 150x150Emma

Vitru works with potential candidates, internal teams, contingent or freelance workers, just like you do.


Scientifically powered
Based on proven science that anyone can use.
Vitru puts team designing power into the hands of
people who need it including:
  1. Managers who want the best for their employees
  2. Executives tired of turnover costs
  3. Human Resources Pros ready for a simple, intuitive tool
  4. Creatives who want to work with the right people
  5. Non-Profits who need to make a decision fast
  6. Entrepreneurs with a great idea and no hiring experience
  7. Recruiters who care about retention
  8. Staffing agencies who have no time to be wrong


short and sweet
Got 15 extra minutes in your day?
One skipped coffee break can put you on your way to becoming a managing pro.


5 motivators
Align employees and workers according to their intrinsic motivators, not an outdated flowchart.

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15 minutes
Have a quarter of an hour? That’s all it takes to organize the personalities that make your company run into efficient and productive teams.


Use it to distribute talent, align employees, hire freelancers and become a better manager.
actionable information
Virtu gives you people-powered data to make actionable business decisions.
Predict how people will work together. Mix and match profiles to create the ultimate dream team. Analyze and solve problems with internal team dynamics before they start.

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Instructions, what instructions?

This is where we’d give you Instructions (but you don’t need them).

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