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Vitru for Manufacturing

Find, Develop and Inspire the Best Manufacturing Teams

The manufacturing industry represents the backbone of this country, and your people are the backbone of your company. We believe it’s important for the men and women in the manufacturing industry to be part of teams that inspire them everyday.

Our employee self assessment can improve hiring and management of your industrial workforce. With Vitru Compare, managers can compare and contrast personalities on the line and in the corner office. Vitru Select gives a unique thumbprint of the organization’s work values.


Hire Hourly Employees with Vitru:

  • Assess the floor and management work values unique to your company
  • Gain insights into what motivates manufacturing workers and why
  • Learn what style of communication is best received by each worker
  • Build better industrial teams around work values and personalities
  • Discover which potential skilled workers will best complement your crew

Vitru makes team management simple, effective and focused. Start inspiring manufacturing workers today by signing up for your free online assessment tool now.