Improving Education
One Personality at a Time

Vitru for Education

Hire, Manage and Motivate Educators

We believe that students are our future, which is why we want the people who work with our children and young people, to be on teams that inspire them. Learn how to hire, manage and motivate teachers, paraprofessionals, tutors and even how to structure your Parent Teacher Association with Vitru Assessments. With Vitru Compare, see how personalities contrast and compare and where work values align. Create dynamic teams that can impact the future in schools, learning centers and universities.


Vitru Tool for Hiring Teachers:

  • Assess your personal work style and those of your best teachers
  • Compare professors work values and assign the right assistants
  • Build dynamic learning teams with paraprofessionals, teachers and tutors
  • Create a support staff designed around work values

Become a better teacher, educator and mentor to the young generations. Signing up for Vitru, a free online assessment tool for teachers, can make your classroom a more welcoming, engaging and productive learning environment.