Keeping Your Brand Intact
with Dynamic Teams

Vitru for Franchises

Discover, Develop and Motivate Teams

We understand that owning a franchise means building a workforce that upholds the values and principles that the franchise was built on…often across many locations and geographies. With our employee self assessment, Vitru Assess, discover the people you should hire, how to manage teams more effectively and what it takes to inspire people everyday, no matter where they are. Vitru Compare gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast personalities and work values for optimum team management. Creating dynamic, well-connected teams can keep your franchise brand consistent and your locations staffed and ready for business!


With Vitru for Franchise Management:

  • Use personality and work value analytics when bringing on new franchise hires
  • Assess work values unique to entrepreneurs and franchise employees
  • Gain insights into what motivates people to join or start a franchise
  • Build better location based teams around work values unique to your culture

Make your franchise the best it can be with great team development and management. Signing up for Vitru, a free online assessment tool today is the first step to getting there.