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Vitru Assess brings expensive psychometric testing to everyone. Know your work habits, what strengths you bring to the table, and what type of team or person will bring out the best in you. Hindsight is 20/20 but Vitru is free.

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What environment suits you best? What traits do you need in a partner? In a job? Use our free employee self assessment test based on vetted science for a deeper look into what makes you tick. Find out where you sit on 15 different scales that measure work and team values.


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How do you resolve conflict? How important is stability to you? With five scales including where sit on the extrovert-introvert index (hint: most of us are ambiverts!) and how you recharge and feel most valued, your personality assessment will give you unique insight into your personality and how to work best with others in both personal and professional relationships. Best part? It’s completely free.
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