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Running a business or a business unit isn’t easy. If you manage people on a daily basis, you need Vitru Relate. Learn how employees and direct reports relate to one another and design better teams. Put new hires in the right place the first time and pull in human resources when and where they will be the most engaged and efficient.

Know your workforce better. No consultants needed.

Know your workforce better. No consultants needed.
Want to be an incredible boss? Learn how to manage your team with our work survey. You don’t need to pay for an exhaustive survey your employees probably won’t take anyway. You need team building tools like Vitru Relate. Learn how new hires relate to your top performer in a department. See if an entry-level employee will work well in an established team. Get tips and hints on how to evaluate performance, keep employees and consultant engaged and how to bake productivity and excitement into teams from the beginning.
Vitru Relate isn’t free. But it’s the best money you’ll spend on your team all year.

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All work, no play?

Assessment that test technical skills are only part of the equation. You need to find out where to move that team member, who to hire for the newest open position and why your two top sales people cannot be in the same room together. It’s part company culture and part personality traits. Get insight into how (and when) to manage your team based on their innate (read: won’t be changed by a performance review) traits to build effective teams .
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