Ellen is younger, in her mid-20s and she knows she wants a career different from the one her parents had. She wants more than anything to define her career rather than letting it define her. She invests in conferences, continuing education and always challenges herself whether she enjoys the project she’s working on or not.

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Today, if you scope around the internet you’ll see several articles focusing on the latest research of the introvert. Almost a badge of honor, people are proud to be introverts. While people used to think introverts made terrible employees, today we know that’s a myth. Actually, we know that both introversion and extroversion are points on a spectrum and most of us, are ambiverts. Read More.

Bill is a business owner who came into leadership by default. He is a very hard worker who grew his team organically but knows he can be a better leader. While he is very good at creating new business and completing tasks, it is difficult for him to find the right people to go on the journey with him. He wants and needs a tool that will let him scale faster and not waste his precious capital on folks who are not a match. Read More.

Kevin is a marketing director in the Midwest. He’s at a turning point in his career and wants to know which way to go? Is he meant to be part of a small agency startup or does he need the stability and assurances that a large company offers him? Read More.

Robin is a corporate recruiter in her early-to-mid-30s. She has been recruiting for some time and knows that her bosses are starting to factor retention into her KPIs. She needs more time from the hiring managers but they don’t have it. Her ATS is inherited and pretty much set in stone but she does want to emulate those cool cultures where everyone just seems to work well together. She can’t really afford expensive psychometric tests and there’s no room in the budget for an additional round of interviews. Read More.

Who doesn’t want a better career? We all do or at least half of us. 52.3% of those who were surveyed by the Conference Board, the New York-based nonprofit research group claimed they are unhappy at work according to a recent report.

People take a look at their lives and realize they just aren’t where they want to be in life. Sometimes it’s because of the business of life and other times it’s because we are too lazy to take another step; we’re comfortable. Read More.

Mark the Manager is a mid-sr level manager in his 40s. Truth is, Mark thought he’d be a Director or VP by now, but he’s not. On the other hand, Mark is very good at what he does and he has a family of three to support.  Mark is college educated and when he first became a manager, he cared more about being liked than anything else. Because of this, his potential was quickly sized up by those in the exec suite and they wrote him off. Read More.

Helen is a progressive, experienced HR Professional. Technically her title is HR Manager, but everyone knows that Helen calls the shots in her mid-sized company. She’s outlasted darn near everyone in the department and has watched several execs come and go. She’s a lifer. After the advent of social media, she started connecting with other HR pros and is pleased to learn that she’s very good at her job and quite powerful in her position. Read More.