Small businesses simply don’t have the resources (time, money or otherwise) their larger counterparts do. Big corporations can boast huge employee benefits packages, in office perks and other motivators on top of the fact they already ahead in. Though it seems impossible to compete, smaller organizations actually have some freedoms that the corporate world just can’t commit to. Small business leadership, if you’re feeling a little winded trying to keep up, rest a little and catch your breath because keeping up with their boastful benefits and perks simply takes a bit more of a tactical approach. Read More.

Hey, haven’t we discussed this before? This is a Vitru lookback article, where we build off learnings from years and trends past. Sometimes we’ll discover that our workplace trends were right on the money; other times we may see that our musings around talent management and company culture predictions were a little off. Either way from team alignment to personality assessments, here’s a look back at some of our greatest content. Read More.

In 2015, the percentage of employers offering flexible work has only increased minimally from about 4% to 5%. This could be due to the fact that some employers don’t know how to set their workforce up for flex work options. Don’t worry though, if your company isn’t already part of the flex work movement, with about 29% of full-time employees having flexible work schedules, it probably won’t be long until your organization taps into this opportunity. Read More.

Obtaining that big corporate job fresh out of college is becoming a thing of the past. Stuffy upper management and sitting in a cube 9 to 5 is simply not the environment where college grads feel they can grow their creativity. So what’s the next big trend? Startup culture is where Millennials want to be. Working in a startup is a free range for the inspired college grad. In the startup life, employees have the ability create, be innovative, work in grounded teams and develop. Read More.

“I’ve never seen a better coach than Gregg Popovich” – Jerry West, NBA Hall of Fame

Since the start of the 1997-98 season, the worst winning percentage for a San Antonio Spurs’ season under Popovich has been .610. How does a coach command such dominance over the top basketball league in the world? Through proper innovation. The Spurs were one of the first teams to identify and exploit the corner 3-pointer. Read More.

39% of surveyed employees believe that people in their own organization don’t collaborate enough, and we couldn’t agree more! Break down the territorial boundaries of your leadership team this week and get everyone out of the office for a leadership development outing. We’ve found some of the best, quick and easy ways to kick off a leadership development day on the fly. Check out the following resources: Read More.

When personality assessments go further than silly internet quizzes you share on your social media pages, they become controversial entities. When it comes to using assessments as supplemental hiring or managing pieces, the opinions intensify. At Vitru, we respect those opinions and even agree with a few observations. That’s why we built our platform to be unlike any other out there. In order to understand why and where current assessments are lacking or full on broken, we had to dive deep into what people are saying about the methods available to them. Read More.

It’s Thursday and we’re throwing it back to some of our favorite posts over the years. Learning is always dependent on referencing the past and when it comes to team management, the following 6 posts and the research they offer are always relevant. Take a moment to recount where your team was when each post went live and let us know in the comments what you’ve done to grow into 2016! Read More.