Building Your Brand
with the Best Team

Vitru for Real Estate

Understand Your Team, Understand Your Clients

Real estate can be a tough industry for even some of the best salespeople out there. That’s why we believe that to build a real estate team one has to understand what each person’s work style is, what things they value most about their job and how team members understand and communicate with one another. With Vitru Compare, not only can you discover these things and more, but you can then invite your team members to do the same for each other. Instilling this heightened sense of awareness with your people gets them one step closer to understanding each new client that your business takes on. Team management has never been easier.


Building a Real Estate Team with Vitru:

  • Focus team building activities using insightful analytics
  • Coach your sales team using data based on work values
  • Understand performance drivers by comparing each member of the real estate team

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