Personality Assessments: Right or Wrong to Use in Hiring?

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When personality assessments go further than silly internet quizzes you share on your social media pages, they become controversial entities. When it comes to using assessments as supplemental hiring or managing pieces, the opinions intensify. At Vitru, we respect those opinions and even agree with a few observations. That’s why we built our platform to be unlike any other out there. In order to understand why and where current assessments are lacking or full on broken, we had to dive deep into what people are saying about the methods available to them. Read More.

Bill the Business Owner

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Bill is a business owner who came into leadership by default. He is a very hard worker who grew his team organically but knows he can be a better leader. While he is very good at creating new business and completing tasks, it is difficult for him to find the right people to go on the journey with him. He wants and needs a tool that will let him scale faster and not waste his precious capital on folks who are not a match. Read More.

The New Data to Assist Hiring Decisions

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We check budgets before buying a house. We check ratings before choosing a school. We read reviews before eating at a restaurant. We creep social profiles before going on a date.

Ever increasing and ubiquitous data is used every day, backing up our premonitions and shaping our impressions. In business, analytics help make smarter decisions. Read More.

These Fictional Bosses Probably Used This One Team Alignment Tool

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Believe it or not, writing about psychometric testing can get pretty heavy. In the interest of keeping things light around here, let’s talk about big screen (and TV) bosses (and psychometric testing)! The idea is that any leader, in any industry, of any size can use employee assessment tools to recruit better, lead better and build better teams. Here’s how that would happen in a magazine HQ, a TV land paper company and private investigator firm. Read More.

Employee Assessment Tool: Psychometric Testing FAQs

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If you’re considering joining the over 80% of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. currently using psychometric testing, you probably have a few questions like, “What the heck is psychometric testing?” Even if you understand the basics, not all employee assessment tools are the same. Curious about how employee assessment tools will fit into your organization? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies in the US use psychometric testing. Read More.

A Move Toward More Effective Team Building

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Teams are known for stirring up creativity, innovation and even lasting professional bonds. Unfortunately, they can be known for stirring other things up too. When you are asked to be part of a team or project at work, you probably immediately think back to college. We all had to endure working around schedules, picking up the slack and trying to get a word in edge-wise with the self-nominated leader of the group who inevitably took all the credit for your hard work because he was the one with the floppy disk (remember those?)

A study revealed that 95% of people who have ever worked on a team believe that teamwork serves a critical function in the workplace. Read More.

Hiring for Cultural Fit Even with a Contingent Workforce

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Did you know that from late 2009 to 2012 the number of temporary workers in the workforce increased by 29%? I think we can call that a rapidly growing sector of the workforce, especially when you consider that private jobs grew by less than 1% in the same time period. It’s certainly a big enough jump to keep managers and executives alike up at night considering how to manage it properly. Read More.