When personality assessments go further than silly internet quizzes you share on your social media pages, they become controversial entities. When it comes to using assessments as supplemental hiring or managing pieces, the opinions intensify. At Vitru, we respect those opinions and even agree with a few observations. That’s why we built our platform to be unlike any other out there. In order to understand why and where current assessments are lacking or full on broken, we had to dive deep into what people are saying about the methods available to them. Let’s explore.

Lou Adler, Glass Ceilings and Our Solution

First and foremost, let’s look at Mr. Lou Adler, a recruiting and headhunting expert in his own right. His stance is that the candidate experience is jeopardized by the use of assessments. He fears these tools enforces glass ceilings and can be replaced by better processes.


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Of course we have an opinion on this viewpoint. For one, we wholeheartedly understand and even agree on a few of his assumptions but, ultimately, we saw these views when we first began building the Vitru platform. Here’s a little taste of how we address the issue:


“Assessments are tools. Tools to try to put into words what is hard to verbalize and explain: personality. They aren’t the end-all, be-all one-test-to-rule-them-all, fool-proof performance indicators.”


“While Mr. Adler is correct that some tests can’t predict how well people will do in a given environment, that’s because it’s not what they were built for. A personality and work values test should give insight after the interview and before the hire, for the manager to put in play when that person walks through the doors on his or her first day.”

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MBTI, StrengthsFinder, Oh My!

We’ve read a great deal about the different types of personality assessments and they all come with pros and cons. Rachel Butler put together a pretty great summary of the various benefits as well as the things to look out for in this post. When it comes to the pros of using personality assessments in hiring and managing, she’s spot on. The assessments should be all about understanding each other better, developing better communication and strengthening processes, internal or external. When it comes to cons, we’re happy to report we not only agree, but built our entire tool around them:

Time they Take: We know teams, no matter their size, are busy. That’s why we made it a priority to build a ‘save’ feature within our assessment. This allows individuals to spend a few minutes here and there or knock it out in a 10 minute window. Vitru is on your time, not ours.

Cost: “As new technology emerges and primitive business practices like typewriters and switchboard operators are replaced, the trend with personality assessments should be just the same. Step into the 21st century with tested psychometric assessment implementation made for today’s businesses and today’s workers with Vitru. Sign up now to get started today… it’s free!”

Psychometric Assessments Aren’t the End All Be All:

“Placing 100% of the population into one of 16 named boxes is restrictive. An extremely productive morning might deem you an ESTJ, while a snaily and existential afternoon could deliver and INTP result, drastically altering your ‘results.’”

“Your personality is not ‘one or the other.’ It’s unique to you and not shared with 7-15% of the population, as the MBTI assessment would suggest. Vitru is different. Vitru is smart software built on psychometric assessment implementation, ready for the needs of today’s workers.”

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Read more at Goodbye Meyers-Briggs, Hello Vitru Personality Assessment


As the workforce changes, so should your hiring and managing process. At Vitru, we know what matters most to you because we are a business too. Building our assessment with your priorities in mind was not only a top concern, it was our only concern. If you’re looking for a psychometric assessment test that meets your expectations look no further than Vitru Assess. Hindsight is 20/20 but Vitru is free.

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