How Large Companies Can Attract More College Grads Like Startups

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Obtaining that big corporate job fresh out of college is becoming a thing of the past. Stuffy upper management and sitting in a cube 9 to 5 is simply not the environment where college grads feel they can grow their creativity. So what’s the next big trend? Startup culture is where Millennials want to be. Working in a startup is a free range for the inspired college grad. In the startup life, employees have the ability create, be innovative, work in grounded teams and develop. Read More.

Personality Assessments: Right or Wrong to Use in Hiring?

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When personality assessments go further than silly internet quizzes you share on your social media pages, they become controversial entities. When it comes to using assessments as supplemental hiring or managing pieces, the opinions intensify. At Vitru, we respect those opinions and even agree with a few observations. That’s why we built our platform to be unlike any other out there. In order to understand why and where current assessments are lacking or full on broken, we had to dive deep into what people are saying about the methods available to them. Read More.

#TBT 8 Always Relevant Team Management Posts

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It’s Thursday and we’re throwing it back to some of our favorite posts over the years. Learning is always dependent on referencing the past and when it comes to team management, the following 6 posts and the research they offer are always relevant. Take a moment to recount where your team was when each post went live and let us know in the comments what you’ve done to grow into 2016! Read More.

Thought Diversity: The New Definition of Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity. While it’s a hot topic today, the way society defines diversity is shifting. Prior generations have defined diversity in a way that focuses on demographics and cultural differences, and while those notions have carried over into today’s definitions of diversity, they aren’t here to stay. Studies find that Millennials believe diversity is focused more in experiential and thought differences. Diversity can be broken down into three parts: Read More.

The Case for Introverted Employees: Surviving in an Extroverted World

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Personality is not “one or the other.” however, many popular personality tests create misconceptions that cause people to count themselves or others out when it comes to talents or workplace traits. The first step for survival as an introvert is to forget everything you’ve learned about the term “introvert.” Introverts are not antisocial or shy or unable to communicate. Introverts can make friends among colleagues. If you’re an introvert, you are not destined to fail in a fast-paced, business atmosphere. Read More.

Vitru Value Series: Managing Employees Who Value Citizenship

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Editor’s Note: Vitru puts knowledge into the hands of people who need it: managers, teams, employees. Using psychometric assessment testing, each personality is broken down and segmented into a microcosm of work values and traits. Just as each employee has a unique persona, each work value embodies its own narrative. This multi-part blog series sets each of the 15 Vitru Work Values under the microscope to learn significance of each. Read More.

4 Budget Friendly Ways to Motivate Your Team

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Last year, there was an increase in employee engagement compared to years prior. Even with that gain, only a third of employees said they were engaged in their jobs. Even more, 70% of employees are actually unhappy with 52% ‘feeling blah’ and 18% downright hating their current position. No leader is unaware what that can mean for productivity and the business’ bottom line. While organizations are aware of the detriment, many are scratching their heads and frantically searching for the answer to their employees’ motivation problem. Read More.

4 Components You Can’t Miss While Building Winning Teams

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

As managers, it’s your job to not just build teams, but to build high-performing, well-connected teams that produce results. It’s easier said than done and can even be described by some as a form of art!  It takes a lot more than a group of talented professionals to crank out great teamwork and remain intact long-term. So, below are some of the building blocks to building winning teams. Read More.

15 Coworkers Everyone Knows and Loves… Most of the Time

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The One Who Wants to be Revered (Status)


The employee who is concerned with Status wants to make your company or team the most valuable players. Like, they don’t just want your community to know and love you, they want the whole world to know how amazing you are…because they want the whole world to know how amazing they are. Mutual benefits, amirite?

The One Who Loves Being Loved (Rewards)


Did they hit a goal? Read More.