Bill is a business owner who came into leadership by default. He is a very hard worker who grew his team organically but knows he can be a better leader. While he is very good at creating new business and completing tasks, it is difficult for him to find the right people to go on the journey with him. He wants and needs a tool that will let him scale faster and not waste his precious capital on folks who are not a match. Bill knows that 25% of companies fail after the first year of operation and is determined not to be one of them.

What’s holding him back?

Bill is willing to invest in technology that takes something off his plate, effectively reducing his workload so he has more time to work on something else, usually something new. However, he has run into the issue of buying big company products for his relatively small company so he is wary when it comes to recognizable solutions. Bill knows he needs something easy to work with and super valuable to make the leap.

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What he needs

He needs a short and self-service sales cycle. Bill is a busy guy, he doesn’t have the time to sift through needless emails and paperwork. Give him too long to ponder and he will start to think he doesn’t really need it. For Bill, when he makes a decision, he wants to see delivery on his decision and investment immediately. Bill likes having results he can see, he’s a “proof in the pudding” type of guy. He knows 30% of companies go under because of unbalanced experience or lack of managerial experience. He wants to see the numbers in concrete form to be sure a product will actually work for his company.

What are his goals

Bill works more hours a week than he should and expects his tools to work overtime as well. Software is no exception and he will pushes every system to its limits. His goal is to move his company forward as quickly as possible. He is not scared of risk but hates companies that insist on locking him into a contract.

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Business owners who take risks are often the most successful. They keep a close eye on their competitors and are constantly looking to the horizon for bigger and better ideas.

Bill says: “How can it help move my company forward? How will it save me time?”

Bill wonders: “How often will I really use this?”

Vitru can work for Bill by:

Vitru will help Bill get to know his workforce better without the added burden of extra consultants. He can easily see how new hires relate to his top performers and where to put struggling team members in his company. By showing him the different personalities of employees he will encounter throughout his business, Vitru assists him in planning for the future and it’s a tool he can use before interviews, performance reviews and strategic planning sessions. If you relate to Bill, see how Vitru can work for you.

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