Team alignment. We’ve discussed it endlessly on our blog, but it’s so important – we don’t ever want to let the conversation die down! Take a look at our best advice on team alignment to get a refresher…

These Fictional Bosses Probably Used This One Team Alignment Tool

Team-AlignmentBelieve it or not, writing about psychometric testing can get pretty heavy. In the interest of keeping things light around here, let’s talk about big screen (and TV) bosses (and psychometric testing)! The idea is that any leader, in any industry, of any size can use employee assessment tools to recruit better, lead better and build better teams. Here’s how that would happen in a magazine HQ, a TV land paper company and private investigator firm. Read on to find out who our famous bosses are, how they lead and how you can lead like them too…


Know What ‘The Walking Dead’ is Missing? Employee Assessment Tools

The-walking-deadImagine waking up from a coma to find the world has been over run by zombies, or worse, you’re part of a dysfunctional and ineffective team at work. Either way, the day in and day out trials are exhausting. The other night, along with the rest of the world, I was watching the season premiere of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead. As I went through a mental recap of the prior seasons, it hit me that the zombies tend to be issue B, and the team dynamics are what often lead to trouble.


From a leader’s perspective, there is a lot more to managing a team than the generic go-to “good communication”. Knowing how people will function together as a team, what their individual strengths and weaknesses are and what triggers their motivation is what is needed to create and maintain a successful team. Find out how to do this now…


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Let’s Avoid the Cheese Factor in Team Alignment, Shall We?

VT_Team-AlignmentYou have got to Google images for “team building”. The only way it could get cheesier is if these visualizations of team building were cross-stitched. Yes, it’s that bad. Images of coworkers building an actual human pyramid, a group of smiling business people high-fiving in a huddle, and we can’t forget the interlocked puzzle pieces. Where would we be without those?

Let’s Go to the Woods and Sing

Let’s not. The reality is that while it’s nice to get out of the office, no one really wants to do this stuff. To be honest, team alignment events do help workers better understand each other, and become more effective when working together. That being said, employers have to be more thoughtful about what they put their workers through in the name of “team building”.


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Team alignment exercises get everyone out of the deadline, corporate structure mindset, and help them focus on socializing informally. They present a chance to improve problem-solving and communications skills within a team, and build trust as well. Unfortunately, if team-building initiatives aren’t created strategically, they can have quite the opposite effect. >See how to do it right…


8 Wretched Ways to Destroy Team Alignment

Team-AlignmentHow you’re sabotaging team alignment, let us count the ways. We get it, no manager or leader intentionally sets out to destroy the alignment of the teams that they’ve built, but it’s what we don’t know that can hurt us. You may not realize these ultra-common ways that leaders are tearing down exactly the thing they’ve worked so hard to build. Find them out now…




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