Hiring Decision Makers: Be On the Lookout for 5 New Skills

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Peggy Olson graduated from Miss Deaver’s secretarial school with all the skills she needed. Typing, shorthand and pleasant communication readied her for her first day at Sterling Cooper for Mr. Draper. To say necessary work skills have changed since 1960 would be a glaring understatement. Fit for the office today and tomorrow demands smart and flexible skills to match the ever-changing techno landscape.

“If you don’t think about and plan for the future of work then your organization has no future.” – Jacob Morgan, author of The Future of Work

About 5 years ago, the Institute of the Future published the Future Work Skills 2020 report defining what would be necessary for careers and jobs in about a decade. Read More.

Want Increased Output? Stop Counting Minutes and Improve Work Flexibility Options

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It can feel counterintuitive not to monitor what you’re paying for. You pay employees based on a contract of hours worked, and every minute they leave early is costing you money. Or is it? Rigid workplace procedures, like clocking-in and out to set schedules, constrict employees reach, decrease morale, and frankly do not produce more output. Flexible work environments are not just a ‘cushy benefit for millennials akin to a ping pong table,’ they are a financial benefit to you, the employer, that should not be trivialized. Read More.

5 Strategies Best Places to Work Use to Engage Employees

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You and your employees see Forbes’ Best Places to Work every year. Although they love the company, you know there are specific pieces of the puzzle missing to make your organization part of that list. While it might not be on the list yet, the company is on it’s way to making the cut to be one of the best places to work. How will you find the lost puzzle pieces? Read More.

6 Winning Traits of Startup Employees

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Startups are constantly in flux, demanding an innovative environment and adapting around it. New clients sign, clients leave, product improvements are made, mission pivots, company grows, company shrinks. Never the same as the day before, working at a startup can be exhilarating for some and a nightmare for others. Read More.

Old School Management Tweaks for the New Generation

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One would think with the number of Slack App downloads, every company in the world has adopted a new-gen management style. Open, collaborative and teamwork oriented organizations are en-trend but there is still a gap between the new worker generation we call Millennial and old school management techniques where they work. A 2015 Gallup study found that about 50% of the 7,200 adults surveyed left a job “to get away from their manager.” You risk losing out on the generation because of an outdated and rigid management style. Read More.

Hiring for Cultural Fit Doesn’t Mean You’re Hiring Friends

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We hear it time and time again, hire for cultural fit, cultural fit increases productivity, cultural fit increases buy-in, etc…even stats like 67% of workers believe the most important aspect of a job was to have an employer with similar values all hammer in the concept. But what does cultural fit actually mean? The sales team holding hands together singing the corporate fight song? Cultural fit should be a mix of individuals who work best together towards a common goal. Read More.

Good Leaders Let Their Teams Make Mistakes

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Sighs of relief were felt around offices everywhere when Google unveiled the unsend email function early this summer. Pulling back an email right before sending a big mistake can be a godsend. Unfortunately plenty of work mistakes happen without an ‘undo’ option available. Whether for the entry-level employee trying to make a name, the mid-level employee working for a promotion or the CEO with money on the line, mistakes are regrettably human and strike us all. Read More.

Coaching Employees with Different Conflict Styles

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Every employee has a different personality type – so do managers. So dealing with conflict in the workplace requires disparate measures. Your ability to resolve conflict will ultimately have a direct impact on your team’s ability to succeed, and understanding the best way to deal with these scenarios will either limit or enable quality performance. Read More.

Avoiding The Common Pitfalls of Bad Personality Assessments

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Personality assessments have their pros and cons. Here at Vitru, we take pride in the amount of work we do in creating assessments that properly identify all of an employee’s strengths, so our clients know what they’re good at, and what tasks they’re better off avoiding. Everyone works, behaves, and thinks differently, and a good test evaluates not on the basis of pass/fail, but on metrics which assess what the employee is capable of and letting the employer decide where they fit. Read More.

How to Interview Like Barbara Walters to Identify Cultural Fit

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As a hiring manager, you’ve been tasked with fine-tuning your skills in finding the qualities of the company and candidate characteristics that match. You’ve spent enough time coaching employees to understand what works for your team, so your interviewing skills are near pristine. Unlike riding a bike, however, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Remember the interviews on 20/20 – some of the most provocative stories, right? Well, you can find the thought-provoking stories in your candidates if you employ the interview tools used by some of the most renowned journalists. Read More.