Robin the Recruiter

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Robin is a corporate recruiter in her early-to-mid-30s. She has been recruiting for some time and knows that her bosses are starting to factor retention into her KPIs. She needs more time from the hiring managers but they don’t have it. Her ATS is inherited and pretty much set in stone but she does want to emulate those cool cultures where everyone just seems to work well together. She can’t really afford expensive psychometric tests and there’s no room in the budget for an additional round of interviews. Read More.

How Managers Can Use Team Building Software to Hire

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Mark the Manager is a mid-sr level manager in his 40s. Truth is, Mark thought he’d be a Director or VP by now, but he’s not. On the other hand, Mark is very good at what he does and he has a family of three to support.  Mark is college educated and when he first became a manager, he cared more about being liked than anything else. Because of this, his potential was quickly sized up by those in the exec suite and they wrote him off. Read More.

Helen the HR Pro

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Helen is a progressive, experienced HR Professional. Technically her title is HR Manager, but everyone knows that Helen calls the shots in her mid-sized company. She’s outlasted darn near everyone in the department and has watched several execs come and go. She’s a lifer. After the advent of social media, she started connecting with other HR pros and is pleased to learn that she’s very good at her job and quite powerful in her position. Read More.

The New Data to Assist Hiring Decisions

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We check budgets before buying a house. We check ratings before choosing a school. We read reviews before eating at a restaurant. We creep social profiles before going on a date.

Ever increasing and ubiquitous data is used every day, backing up our premonitions and shaping our impressions. In business, analytics help make smarter decisions. Read More.

How to Align a Multi-Generational Team

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As more office chairs are filled with Instagram users than checkbook balancers, the multi-gen office dynamic is more relevant than ever. This year the 53.5 million Millennials in the workforce outnumber Baby Boomers by over eight million. Older and younger generational workers alike are facing the issues of managing, working with and being managed by, other generations. Communication styles, work values and overall world outlooks are subject to clash when combined. Read More.

What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Managing?

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Right Management released a survey earlier this year revealing 68% of managers fail to engage their employees’ career development. That is a significant majority, so how do you manage effectively? Coaching is an essential part of it. If you don’t know how to coach, you may not be able to manage properly. Coaching is not just about direction but more about being personally invested in where the employee is headed. Read More.

How Career Happiness Influences Your Health. Take a Peek:

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Office Space hit theaters in 1999, when Baby Boomers still outnumbered all generations in the workforce, Gen X-ers were amidst their entrepreneurial escapades and most Millennials weren’t even graduated from high school. Now it’s 2015 and Baby Boomers are retiring, Gen X-ers are still the middle men and Millennials make up the majority of the workforce. Though times have changed, the sentiment still remains: careers have a massive effect on someone’s overall happiness and health. Read More.

Are You Hiring Resilient Candidates?

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There will be days you love your job. Boss brought in Qdoba, client phones with high acclaim and you got paid. The way we know and appreciate glory days such as these, is because we have experienced the lows. The ‘get-me-out-from-under-this-dark-cloud’ everything is going horrendously wrong, car crash armageddon of a day. Read More.

Unleash the Power of Team Personality Traits in 3 Steps

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People don’t always like working in teams, but no one can deny the importance they have in an organization. With 86% of managers rating teamwork as a critical skill and 39% of employees wanting more collaboration in their organization, there’s no longer a doubt that finding the best way to build teams is not an option. Here are three ways to unleash the power of your existing team personality traits by understanding what they value and how to align it within your company. Read More.