How to Maximize Productivity for Introverted Employees

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Research shows at least 50% of the population may be introverted. People have the tendency to force themselves to be extroverted, particularly in a professional setting, so it comes as no surprise people think less of the population who are introverted. In reality, many of us exist on a scale, with true introverts and extroverts being pretty rare. Find out where you are on the spectrum. Read More.

My Vitru: How a Traditionalist Adapts to Teleworking

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Editor’s Note: This essay is part of the My Vitru series. My Vitru are real people taking the assessment and giving their honest feedback.

Kayleigh is an email specialist who works from home. She recently took on more responsibility at work and wanted to know how she compared to her coworkers, especially because she now works with them from a distance!

Kayleigh is also a newlywed and had been taking lots of assessments and quizzes anyway. Read More.

How The Best Leaders Use Dynamic Coaching Styles

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What are your strengths as a leader? Possibly communication, collaboration or guidance. Few leaders have just one strength. Their skills are a mixture of strengths that allow them to be the coaches, guides, managers they are. This article suggests that some managers might be “one-pitch” leaders, meaning they rely solely on one asset. While baseball pitchers might depend on only one specific pitch, managers simply can’t use one single leadership skill or style to guide their team. Read More.

Consider Doing This Before Your Next Team Building Activity

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Managers invest an abundance of time and money into recruiting, hiring and training the professionals they see fit to join their teams. And, though it would be lovely if that’s all it took to have a high performing, unified team, that would be way too easy. So, to improve dynamic managers make use of a team building activity. But what if science could help measure personalities and thereby boost team building efforts? Read More.

Bill the Business Owner

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Bill is a business owner who came into leadership by default. He is a very hard worker who grew his team organically but knows he can be a better leader. While he is very good at creating new business and completing tasks, it is difficult for him to find the right people to go on the journey with him. He wants and needs a tool that will let him scale faster and not waste his precious capital on folks who are not a match. Read More.