39% of surveyed employees believe that people in their own organization don’t collaborate enough, and we couldn’t agree more! Break down the territorial boundaries of your leadership team this week and get everyone out of the office for a leadership development outing. We’ve found some of the best, quick and easy ways to kick off a leadership development day on the fly. Check out the following resources:

Plus, Vitru’s work values and personality assessment is another free and simple tool to pass out to your entire leadership team! They’ll be able to visualize how their personality traits and values at work compare and contrast to other leaders in the organization. We suggest using this test to kick off the day, event or outing. Take the test here.


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We’ve also compiled our top 5 best leadership articles we’ve ever published! You’re going to want to see these…


The Single Most Important Leadership Skill for Scaling

The goal in business isn’t ever to stagnate, or keep hitting the same numbers. Barring another major economic recession, every organization has the united goal of growing and being successful. Scaling is really a business must, and according to Barry Schuler (@BSchuler), who is credited with being one of the pioneers of the modern Internet (how many people can say that?) the most important skill to possess for the leaders of a growth stage company is, knowing how to build a team. Ever heard of a Swiss Army Knife Team? It’s a team that has every person they need to be successful. Read on to see how you can build your own swiss army knife team too…



10 Practical Leadership Lessons from a Training Executive

Matching open positions with the best fit candidates can challenge even the best of recruitment professionals. Liz Hall (@lizabethmhall), Executive Director of Training and Development at C&A Industries, Inc., on the other hand, has a pretty good grasp on the needs organizations have when filling open positions. She explains how she makes tough decisions whether it’s choosing between two candidates or what a leader can do to build trust. Find out some of Hall’s recruiting practices, guidance, and some of the best advice she’s ever been given…



Personality Assessments: Extroverts or Introverts for Leadership?

Only 44% of employees say their company leadership is effective at leading the organization to success. Unfortunately, only about 40% of employees agree that their company facilitates easy collaboration – an even smaller 37% agree their organization is dedicated to diversity. For example, Belinda isn’t suited to leading collaboration unless it’s primarily a remote team and the management “social” needs imposed on her will frustrate her and sap productivity. And another example, Jeff needs opportunities for growth and mentorship with coaching to curb their enthusiasm. Not to mention his ability to clearly understand those around them, he is suitable to handling diversity initiatives. Banning Jeff to a remote workspace will create more hurdles for him to overcome and frustrate him and team members since he thrives on face to face connections. Belinda and Jeff are the people in your office. Learn how to get the best out of them and make better decisions regarding leadership…



How The Best Leaders Use Dynamic Coaching Styles

What are your strengths as a leader? Possibly communication, collaboration or guidance. Few leaders have just one strength. Their skills are a mixture of strengths that allow them to be the coaches, guides, managers they are. This article suggests that some managers might be “one-pitch” leaders, meaning they rely solely on one asset. While baseball pitchers might depend on only one specific pitch, managers simply can’t use one single leadership skill or style to guide their team. Let’s look at the theory behind these “one-pitch” managers…



Our Best Advice for Managing a Team of Conflicting Personalities

Work culture is increasingly important, but few managers know how to cultivate a happy, engaged and productive workforce. Vitru was built to bring psychometrics, cultural fit and personality assessments into one place, so everyone has the tools they need to build better teams.


One way to foster innovation and creativity inside your workplace is to study how employees view and interact with the world around them. This gives insight into how to create the right team and where to put them. Vitru uses personality traits Originality, Sociability, Focus, Need for Stability and Agreeableness to surface work personality. In this series, we’ll look at each trait and how it might serve to give us a window into work personality and how they work best! [11-20-15] 3 New Blog CTAs_GetStartedCTA


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