Improving Each and Every Piece
of the Puzzle

Vitru for Agencies

Aligning Teams for Success

We understand that for the many working arms of an agency to succeed, team alignment is crucial, which is precisely why Vitru exists. Discover the best ways to hire, manage and inspire each and every member of your agency with the Vitru Assessments. With Vitru Compare, you can keep your agency aligned by comparing and contrasting the different personalities and work values that reside with your workforce. Create dynamic teams that will lead your agency to the success it deserves.


Tools for Agency Management:

  • Improve team management and team building activities using compelling, qualitative data on each and every employee
  • Understand how to communicate effectively based on individual work values and complex personality attributes
  • Gain insight into performance drivers by comparing the motivators of low performers with high performers

Inspire dynamic teams with decision making and team management that is supported by sophisticated analytics. Let Vitru do the hard part so you can start succeeding. Sign up for your free online assessment tool now.