Hindsight is 20/20
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Work Relationships are Pretty Important.

Engaged employees are engaged because they have good relationships at work. And while 94% of folks in the workforce believe that teams are beneficial, most of them flat out DON’T want to be on one. Because they know what awaits. Finger pointing, the blame game, late night confrontations and lot of hurry up and wait. Shouldn’t teams be better, more fun, a mutually beneficial relationship? Yeah, we thought so too.

Truth matters. Vitru is about truth. Truth and science. Truth and science and awesomeness. We used science (and awesomeness) to figure out about effective team building, regardless of if they are inside the company or have yet to be hired. Don’t you want to know who you should be working with? I mean, before Legal steps in… Hindsight is 20/20, Vitru Compare is absolutely free. Find out what makes you (and your team) tick right now!

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Why we created Vitru

Vitru is a platform of team building tools for better collaboration. It helps managers, recruiters, HR Professionals, entrepreneurs and co-workers create their own personal dream team for a one-time project or for long-term success.

You can find the right people from your pool of applicants or in your own employee group. Whether your exact teammate match is across the hall or across the ocean, our goal at Vitru is to match you up, so you can do better work, together.


flyover country? yessir

We’re proud of being from the Midwest. Although we’re international now, our roots are solid in the soil of Nebraska, proving you don’t have to head to Silicon Valley once you’ve solved a business problem. It’s totally okay to stay and invest in your local community.


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