Managing people is tough

Vitru makes it easier by identifying employees’ values. If you want to design a better team, your journey starts here.

Finding the perfect team member isn’t easy.

But it is possible with Vitru. With one simple psychometric test, discover motivators, preferred work environments, even the right management style for every person you work with…or want to work with. Also discover your own work style and how to become even better at your job.

So happy together.

Teams should like and challenge one another. Design the perfect team by discovering what makes each team member tick. Compare the personalities of your top performers with average employees to create new mentorship programs. Access employee profiles with our team building personality test to discover where reward and recognition programs will supercharge efforts…and where they may fall flat.

See into the future

See into the future. Does your culture need an overhaul? Vitru can show you where people are and where they should be. Instantly grasp bad matches and how to nurture a struggling team member or department. Do they need a new challenge? Does compensation need to change? Invite new employees, contingent workers and even clients to take their free employee self assessment and pair the right people together from the get-go.

Still Not Convinced? See how a multinational company is using Vitru to hire their workforce and better equip teams internally.

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Your employees spend 70% of their lives working.
A bad fit makes it feel more like 100%.

Vitru changes how the world works with knowledge gleaned from years of studying the ultimate variable. Humans. We know how humans work together and which people will work together the best.


Need to pull together your design team from around the globe? Recruit and hire the best with Vitru Relate.


Wondering how a new hire will perform at your startup? See how their Vitru profile fits with your current group with Vitru Compare.


Be a better leader to your team. Check employee Vitru profiles for an effective team building environment for all of them!

Get better at hiring

Design your team from the inside & out. Whether you need the best people for one project, a long-term environment or to build a team from multiple locations, Vitru makes it work…a whole lot faster than you are used to. No consultants, no lengthy tests, no exhaustive evaluations. Just solid science identifying cultural values. Fast.
What are your work values?

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Take 5 minutes to understand how you work. Then invite your entire team to use Vitru to compare results!

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